• Business Formation: S Corporations & LLCs
  • Year End Business Taxes: 1120S & 1065
  • Quarterly Reporting: 941 + IL-941 + UI 3.40 + 940
  • Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Monthly Tax Deposits
  • Sales Tax Filing and Reporting
  • Unemployment Tax Filing and Reporting
Quick Stats for BMK:

Target Market: Upper Middle Class in Chicagoland.

Our goal is not to take on everyone and anyone. We have
a clearly defined target market. Our target market has
household income of $150,000 to $600,000 or strive to
be in this income range.

The majority of our requests serviced within our target
market revolve around, in no particular order:  
S-Corporations, Sole Proprietors, Independent
Contractors, Single Member LLCs, Rental Properties,
Investments, Multi-State Returns, Stock Options, and
Foreign-Sourced Income.

Clients Served: Individuals and Businesses.
Approximately 60% of our revenues are derived from
individual income tax preparation and 40% from small
businesses services.

Pricing: We are not the cheapest, nor do we seek to be
the lowest cost solution. We charge a fair price for
professional expertise, quality service, and peace of mind.
Please see to the right for average pricing. Custom quotes
are issued before work commences.

Philosophy: We are happy to help you save money on
your taxes and spot what you have overlooked. But our
first and highest priority is keeping you compliant and out
of trouble with the IRS and State.

We are also proud that we take the time to answer your
questions, explain what happened on your tax return, and
see how you can make improvements for next year.

Unique Clients Served / Tax Returns Filed:
2013 Tax Year: 339 Clients
2014 Tax Year: 471 Clients
2015 Tax Year: 675 expected clients to be served

Founded: December 2009

Staff Size:
2013 Tax Year Staff Size: 2 Full-Time Tax Accountants
2014 Tax Year Staff Size: 3 Full-Time Tax Accountants
2015 Tax Year Staff Size: 4 Full-Time Tax Accountants
Small Business Services:
  • Current Year Tax Returns - 1040s
  • Independent Contractors / Sole Proprietors
  • Rental Property / Multi-Unit Rentals
  • Multi-State Returns
  • Estimated Taxes
  • Stock Options: NQSOs / ISOs / ESOPs
  • Investments: Stock Sales & K-1s
  • Prior Year Returns
  • IRS & State Problems - IRS Letters
Services for Individuals:
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I would like to inquire about Individual Income Tax Preparation:
Personal Income Tax ($325 base)
Independent Contractor / Sole Proprietor (add $180 - $300)
Rental Property (add $130 - $230)
Multi-State Returns ($80 per additional state)
Estimated Tax Payments
IRS or State Problems - IRS Letters
I would like to inquire about tax preparation and services for businesses
Help Setting Up
CPA & Tax Accountant in Chicago

Do you need a CPA in Chicago? We specialize in
tax matters for businesses and individuals. We are  
happy to provide you with our tax expertise so you
can focus on more important things.
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