Doing Your Taxes Yourself
BMK provides tax returns for individuals as well as the
personal income tax returns for business owners.

Please contact us for your personal tax return for Federal
and State.

Most frequently requested issues we handle for your 1040
Individual Income Tax Preparation:

  • Independent Contractors: Sole Proprietors -
    Schedule C Business Profit and Loss

  • Single-Member LLCs

  • Rental Real Estate

  • Multi-State Returns

  • Capital Gains: Stock & Bond Investors and Traders

  • 1256 Contracts: 60/40 Splits, Commodities and
    Futures Investing and Trading

  • K-1 from S-Corporations, LLCs, and Partnerships

  • Estimated Quarterly Tax Payments and Installments

  • Job/Employee Related Deductions

Please contact us so we may answer your specific and
unique tax situation.
Individual Income Tax Returns: 1040s
Advantages of TurboTax or At-Home Software:

  • Cheaper than seeing a professional (CPA or EA or
    Tax Accountant)

  • Accurate Tax Computations

  • Will save you time if you know what you're doing

  • User Friendly (our opinion)

Disadvantages of TurboTax or At-Home Software:

  • Improper usage of software (errors can cause a
    string of IRS Letters, Audits, Amendments and

  • The software is only as good as what the user inputs

  • Possibility of missing deductions and/or overdeducting

  • Will have to conduct your own tax research for
    unknown topics and questions

Most Common Reasons TurboTax Users Have Utilized a
Tax Professional:

  • Used TurboTax and Received a Letter from the IRS

  • Became an Independent Contractor / Sole Proprietor /
    Single-Member LLC

  • Change of Family - Married and/or Had Children

  • Moved States - Multi-State Return

  • Rental Property with Rental Income

  • Need Tax Advice Outside the Scope of the Software

  • Have Tax Questions and Need Guidance

  • Need a Second Opinion

  • Just too Busy
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I would like to inquire about Individual Income Tax Preparation:
Personal Income Tax ($500 base)
Independent Contractor / Sole Proprietor (add $100 - $150)
Rental Property (add $100 - $150)
Multi-State Returns ($80 per additional state)
Stock Options & RSU sales (add $100)
IRS or State Problems - IRS Letters
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Business Tax Return Preparation
Payroll Services
Sales Taxes Services
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