A Few Words About Us
BMK Tax Group
312-223-8411 Tel
120 W Madison Street #906
Chicago, IL 60602
Chicago Lead Tax Accountants
Timmy Thomas
Brian Kim
We were founded in 2009.
We were founded during the Great Recession. We not only survived during times of turmoil, but we
thrived, and we are here to stay.

Our quality of work is superior.
This is because we believe in specialization. We are strong supporters of repetition, repetition,
repetition. Only by seeing the same thing hundreds or thousands of times will practice make
perfect, allowing us to be experts in what we do. We feel that if we're going to take on a request,
we're going to do it right.

We are responsive. Even in the heart of tax season, we will be responsive because if we were in
your shoes, we wouldn't want to be left in the dark either.

We are nice people and easy to work with. We're very happy and fortunate to assist you. We
truly are. We are grateful for the opportunity and we sincerely appreciate it.

You can find a cheaper alternative. To be honest, we desire to be compensated appropriately
for providing excellent service and expertise. Our price-point is not a perfect fit for everyone, which
is why we have a specific target market. If our level of customer service and expertise are not
necessary or economically practical for you, then cheaper alternatives are widely accessible and it
would not make sense to utilize our services.

If we take on your request, you will be in excellent hands. This is because we only take on
requests that we are equipped to handle with our expertise. Yes, we do possess both a large
breadth and depth of tax expertise, but if we do not possess the appropriate knowledge regarding
a particular request, we will be upfront about it. For example, we decline any tax requests from
manufacturing companies since we are not equipped with the appropriate experience. Many tax
firms attempt to tackle any and all requests and realize midway through a project that they don't
possess the required expertise regarding certain topics. We prefer not to put you or ourselves in
that troublesome position through simple prevention from the onset.

We are successful simply because we do our job. In a nutshell...we pick up our phones, we
return e-mails, we answer your questions, we provide high-quality tax returns and advice, and we
do what we say we are going to do. That is the simple secret to our success.
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